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Nice Regular expression for text input

i found a use full regular expression vaildating input string, you can use it to filter sql injection attacks while taking input for username, title ect.

^[a-zA-Z]+(([\.\- ][a-zA-Z0-9 ])?[a-zA-Z0-9]*)*$

regular expression for email address validation

hi use this regular expression for email address validation

Regular expression validator in would be like


Regular expression for html Table Parsing

here are some Regular expressions for html parsing . you can use it in your application while parsing html table to fetch data from it

  1.  Table Expression  = “<table[^>]*>(.*?)</table>”  
  2.   Header Expression  = “<th[^>]*>(.*?)</th>”  
  3.   Row Expression  = “<tr[^>]*>(.*?)</tr>”  
  4.   Column Expression  = “<td[^>]*>(.*?)</td>”