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URL Encoding in

One of way while transferring data from one page to other page is Querystring. But one problem is with Querystring is that many characters are not allowed in url.  So we must have to send querystings while take limits in mind because alphanumeric and special characters including $-_.+!*’(),) are allowed. Usually browser does not tolerate special characters in Url, so much data is lost . In we can use the feature urlEncoding. With Url encoding special characters are replaced by escaped characters sequences starting with the percent sign (%) ,followed by a two-digit hexadecimal .The only exception is space character where character sequence %20 or + sign is used.  For this purpose provide us HttpServerUtility  class to encode data.

For example

String  CustomerName = “Ali Raza”;

Response.Redirect(“Blogpage.aspx?authorName=” + Server.UrlEncode(CustomerName));


Same time we can Querystring s initial values from Server.UrlDecode() method.

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