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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Why Use Forms Authentication?

No of reasons that mostly developers use Form based authentication in their application

  • They have full control over the authentication code.
  • They have full control over the appearance of the login form.
  • Form based authentication works with any browser.
  • Form based authentication allows developer how to store user information.
  • Form Based authentication has some drawbacks as well.

    •  Developer have to create the user interface for users to log in.

    •  Developers have to maintain a catalog with user credentials.

    •   Developers have to take additional precautions against the interception of network traffic

Welcome to the world of C#

Today I have too start C# . I am going to write my first C# program
Which is of course the same traditional “hello World”

In my  one year  working experience . I used visual basic as my coding language. Now I have to convert in to c#.  People say that language is just matter of taste in dot net. Today it is clear to me that they say absolutely right.