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c# and vb classes can be used in same 2 application

It is possible in 2 that c# an classes can be used in same project

All class files are contained in \app_Code folder which is compiled into single assembly.

It is possible that classes placed in same folder causes error. So make different folders in \app_data such as “vbclasses” and “c#classes”


\ App_Code              

                         \ vbclasses

                          \ c#classes



 now places  vb and c# classes in their respective folders as

\ App_Code              

                         \ vbclasses


                          \ c#classes



now we have to add some lines in web.config under the compilation key



      <add directoryName=”vbclasses”></add>

      <add directoryName=”c#classes”></add>



now compile the code in single assembly and we can use the implementation of code placed in vb or c# class in our application without specifying their extensions


One response to “c# and vb classes can be used in same 2 application

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